My passion for experimenting with different species of wood keeps me on my toes during instrument making. The more instruments I build, the more I find that there are numerous alternative species of wood that can be used to make great sounding acoustic instruments. I have successfully built instruments using woods like Mango, Monkey Pod, Jackfruit, Tamarind, Padauk and Indian cedar. I will upload video clips of each of these instruments being played, wherever possible.

I believe that the eternal quest for the ideal tone leads to an interesting debate with many, many points of view. However, I also believe that the builder contributes much more to the tone of an instrument than any piece of fancy Rosewood! It is this belief that has me obsessing with perfecting the art and craft of Lutherie. 

I like involving my clients in the design process, and spend a fair amount of time honing in on their exact requirement before commencing a build. Hence no two instruments come out looking or sounding the same.

If there is an idea you have that you'd like to explore, feel free to mail me at


The Journey - 

When I began lutherie, it was more of a self-taught affair, using instructional DVDs and books to guide me along. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to learn from some amazing masters, and would like to acknowledge them. A big thank you to Paul Doyle in Ireland, (, Jeffrey Yong in Malaysia (, Robert O'Brien (, Tom Bills (, David Murray (, and luthier extraordinaire Jason Kostal ( Without your support and guidance none of this would have been possible! Keep being your awesome selves! 

Cheers, and keep strumming!