My passion for experimenting with different species of wood keeps me on my toes during instrument making. The more instruments I build, the more I find that there are numerous alternative species of wood that can be used to make great sounding acoustic instruments. India is home to a few hundred species of tropical hardwoods, and most of them are yet to be explored!I have successfully built instruments using woods like Mango, Monkey Pod, Jackfruit, Spalted Tamarind, Padauk and Indian cedar.

I believe that the eternal quest for the ideal tone leads to an interesting debate with many, many points of view. However, I also believe that the builder contributes much more to the tone of an instrument than any piece of fancy Rosewood! It is this belief that has me obsessing with perfecting the art and craft of Lutherie. 

I like involving my clients in the design process, and spend a fair amount of time honing in on their exact requirement before commencing a build. Hence no two instruments come out looking or sounding the same.

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Here's a video interview of mine with my mentor, Jason Kostal ( which explains my work philosophy, and my journey in the field of lutherie.

Cheers, and keep strumming!

Karan Singh and Jason Kostal discuss how they ended spending a month working together at Kostal Guitars in Arizona. From their 1st encounter at the Holy Grail Guitar show in Berlin to improving top voicing two years later, dive into their friendship and learn about their craftsmanship.